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      This guide is also helpful if you need to install some parts yourself. It is hands-down the most reliable gas blowback pistol of all time - and there is good reason for that! It's no wonder that so many custom guns are based on the Hi Capa platform and most competition shooters will not shoot anything. Tokyo Marui G17 Gen3 - Review and Helpful Illustrated Upgrade Guide. Enter Giveaway. Hi capas are quite intuitive, its hard ti break or mess things up if you buy quality parts, learn the gun by assembling it and dis. 1 / 1911 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - 130% Angel Custom Upgrade Pro. We specialize in Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA, VSR10, G Series, Polarstar, Dual Sector builds, Standard AEG / GBB repairs and more! Tons of AEG & Hi-CAPA parts and upgrades available. Explore the turbo diesel engine, towing capacity, payload specs, and other capability features. Compatibility: Umarex MP7A1 New Generation AEG. Compression & Base Layers-Carbono Energised Manga Corta sin Costura Capa Base Compresión Chaleco Camisa qygffk4147-low prices - www. Stay away from the extreme full auto! Wolf. You can find complete delivery information here. Buy Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5. Weight 47 oz.

      Description. We decided to use propane. 3 and other airsoft Gas Blow Back Pistols for cheap prices now. The Angel Custom Complete Upgrade Pro Kit is a complete upgrade package for your Tokyo Marui, Socom Gear, WE Hi-Capa 5. As well as shooting great out of the box the pistol is also highly customisable internally and externally with a range of MARUI compatible upgrades and extras. -Compatible with Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa magazines-Full auto version of the original Tokyo Marui 4. 7″ and weighing in at about 1. So what upgrades would make the pistol better. Possibly not the best looking pistol in the world, but in terms of value for money and sheer useabi.

      Everyone knows the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5. The Armorer Works Hi-Capa are not only beautiful to look at but they are also great pistols to shoot. Fast Delivery - Incredibly Low Prices - No Fuss Return. Airsoft Surgeon Midnight Bronze Baby AR Version I AS-GBBR-143. 1 Hi-Capa Upgrades: -Prog4 Infinity Hybrid Slide (black) and Barrel (gold) Set -Prog4 Infinity Hammer (gold) -Steel Guide Rod (gold) -Shooters Design 150% Recoil Spring & Hammer Spring Set -Nine Ball Custom Grip -Nine Ball Shooter's Pro Trigger -AIP Grip Screws (gold). is modeled after the ever popular STI VIP. 1 Build Project Hello everyone, this is my short video just. Most owners of Hi-Capa pistols, especially the Tokyo Marui variety, will have their own take and tips on the how to uprgade it, given it is the most customised airsoft pistol in the world. Quick View. In stock and available here at Airsoft Atlanta.

      1 Government Model works well all year round and is a real workhorse of a pistol, a tried and tested platform. Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5. Free standard delivery available on all non-pyro orders for mainland UK if over £15 in value! MORE INFORMATION. 1 GBB (Stainless) -- Stainless steel Construction -- For Tokyo Marui M1911/ Hi-Capa 5. Tokyo Marui Hi Capa is the best GBB airsoft pistol hand down. upgrades: Airsoft Surgeon Steel Hammer(type 10) $66 new- Cnc Creations gold plated grip saftey- $50-We hi-capa/xcelerator Magwell- $20-Airsoft surgeon slide stop pin-$6. 2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet - Barrel Length: 4 inches / 9 cm - Magazine Capacity: 25 Rounds. Box says Cal. Especially cause I only run gbb. Learn how to upgrade Benthic armor and all the interesting item effects present on the gear. TheDeeMoe shares his own way in this video "Giving you guys my personal opinion on how I go about upgrading. 3 Hi-CAPA with an intensely high rate of fire capabilities-Realistic blowback action with each shot-Quick, highly responsive, and short stroke blowback via removable buffer on the spring guide which accumulates to enhancing the rate of fire. 6mm HGX-197. Parts & Upgrade Adaptors & Flashiders Home HI-CAPA Series Page 1 of 2 Guns Modify Stainless Steel Recoil Guide Rod for Marui Hi-Capa 5.

      UNCompany is an professional Airsoft-Gun shop aims on selling wide range of product Upgrade Service UN Seasonal Special Sales COWCOW TM Hi-Capa 5. It is illegal to remove the orange tip. 1 Upgrades. - Please Email Or Sign Up For Stock Alert If Out Of Stock. 1 / 1911 Series Airsoft GBB Pistols - 130% Angel Custom Upgrade Pro. It features a customized, ported, lighter, skeletonized HI-CAPA slide, hammer, and trigger. Full Metal Slide and Barrel Assembly High Strength Polymer Frame Integrated Accessory Rail Serrated Slide Aggressive Rocket Recoil Spring Guide Functional On-Frame and Beaver Tail SafetyBox Length : 290mmBox Weight: 185mmBox Height: 56mmPackage Gross Weight: 1270gPistol Length: 223mmPiston Height: 159mmPistol Weight (No Mag): 715gMagazine. Airsoft Masterpiece Recoil Spring Guide Plug for Hi-CAPA 5. Armorer Works newest release with the best features you'll ever look for on an pistol. 1 Tokyo Marui (TM) Hi-Capa 5. 50 AKA 120% Enhanced Loading Nozzle Spring for Marui Hi-Capa/M1911 GBB Loading Nozzle Spring for Marui Hi-Capa/M1911 GBB Steel Upgrade Part 120% Power. 1 Magazine (Main O Ring) For HI-CAPA Gas BlowBack Pistol Series.

      A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm Pistol designed by Tokyo Marui in the style of a Hi-Capacity 1911 Pistol. Hi capa 5 1 X4AC Pro Manual V7 - Hitec Auxillary Output 5 Volt 2. Guarder KWA17/18C/34 Enhanced Recoil Guide Steel Laylax Nineball TM Hi-Capa / P226 Gas Route Packing Aero. Probably The Most Expensive Airsoft Pistol Ever. The WE HI-CAPA Full Metal "5. The loading nozzle and blow back chamber the they key pieces to upgrade for a high performance pistol. 3 - Silver [AIP007-TM43-S] - Production Model : AIP007-TM43-S - Aluminum Construction (CNC Machined) - Suitable for Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4. The fire range is approximately 50 to 60 meters. Description: The Guarder Enhanced Recoil/Hammer Spring for MARUI HI-CAPA 5. The Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5. Browse on sale this week. We carry products from reputable brands, such as Cardinal , Pilkington Auto , and Pittsburgh Glass Works , and everything includes manufacturers' limited warranties. Cocking Handle (19) ADepot Hex Hole Guide Rod for Hi-CAPA 5.

      You can find complete delivery information here. 1 Upgrades. Armorer Works Custom 'Race Guns' Hi-Capa GBBP (Dragon Silver Slide - Black Grips - AW-HX2201) Please note this pistol does not come with the sight rail (611404) or the speed cocking handle (611405). The material is ABS resin and Zinc metal. Lately I've been collecting a variety of parts to upgrade a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5. All u need is a few upgrades and ull have it pushing 400FPS in no time. Guns Modify 125% Steel Recoil Guide Rod Set For Tokyo. CP (GSB) Steel recoil Guide Rod for Marui Hi-capa 5. Included with this kit is an adjustable Angel Custom spring guide which will immediately provide you a noticeable "smoother" recoil and blowback yielding increased performance. Replica faithful to HICAPA 4. ) for KJ G19/G23 GBB. This will give your gun a more realistic sound and feel by pushing the slide forward faster and pushing the hammer closed faster. Kamil Turecki 11th April 2019. system (Direct Optics Ready) Includes new flat faced metal trigger.

      00 a few now available. Magazine Spring Guide Fit for WE Hi-Capa 3. 1 GBB Manufacturer : UAC. 3, is offered in an original version ALLOSAURUS SILVER. Installing this Angel Custom spring guide will immediately provide you a noticeable "smoother" recoil and blowback yielding increased performance. Wanda, Torim, and Cery can be rarity upgraded to Jinga, Aero, and Popple, respectively. MK23 Pistol Upgrades. 1 (3 color) US$9. ADEPOT CUSTOM Hexagon Hole Spring Guide Rod for Hi-Capa 5. Especially cause I only run gbb. This allows you to have a more stable platform with your. 1 and I want to make it a very nice pistol. The pistol is constructed entirely from Polymer, making it lightweight and extrememly gas efficient. Refine Search.

      Buy the marui Hi Capa and never look back. If you want to add a guide on how to solve another problem, feel free to do it. Airsoftgogo. Probably The Most Expensive Airsoft Pistol Ever. Buy Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 4. Tokyo Marui HI-CAPA 5. Cory from USA: This magazine can only be filled with Green Gas. Pistol Upgrade Parts Aluminium Recoil Guide Rod Plug For Hi-Capa 5. 1 frame black inc side plates £35. Metal reinforced outer barrel, hopup, recoil spring guide rod, on frame safety, slide stop, hammer and trigger On frame magazine release and ambidextrous thumb safety with beaver tail Able to handle high pressure gas Large selection of available aftermarket replacement / upgrade parts (TM compatible) Great accuracy and performance. 5KU / APS Angel Custom Tunable Steel Spring Guide for WE TM Hi-Capa 5. Kamil Turecki 11th April 2019. Browse different Gas Blow Back Pistols by Tokyo Marui online. All u need is a few upgrades and ull have it pushing 400FPS in no time.

      Both the 4. Buy Airsoft Surgeon Steel Disconnector for Tokyo Marui M1911 / MEU / Hi-Capa GBB Series from RedWolf Airsoft. 1 Recoil Spring Guide Light [LA-NB-66] is available on Impulse101 in UPGRADE PARTS category. COWCOW Technology ("COWCOW" or "CCT") was founded in 2018. Well Hi-Capa 4. 8 from HFC is a True Bargain - Internal Mechanism is the same as WE HI-CAPA Series, which means upgrade protential is indentical. Cow Cow providing super high-quality upgrade parts for pistols specialising in the Hi-capa and M&P9 for practical pistol and race pistols. Clustermarc's Ultimate TM Hi-Capa 5. Add to cart. 1 (Brass Gold) $ 29. About: Specially designed and built for the discerning carry person, the Costa V. 1 (3 color) US$9. The gun is stock except for a metal, threaded outer barrel on this inside, and a Tanio-Koba grip (so that it can fit into a SERPA). such as slide, mid-frame, outer barrel, blowback unit, and loading nozzle.